"Will my component or assembly be returned as overhauled?"

NO.  All components or assemblies are returned to you as inspected and repaired.  A YELLOW TAG is returned with the piece.  FAA regulations do not allow us to use the word overhauled - Reference: CFR 14, Part 43.2.

"Does a FAA Form 8130-3 accompany the returned item?"

8130-3 forms are by request and are issued at no charge if initially requested with the repair.  If the request for an 8130-3 is made after the repair has been returned to you, a fee of $25.00 USD will be applicable.  8130-3 forms can be transmitted electronically as a .pdf file.

"Is a copy of our Work Order included with the unit?"

On a component repair, i.e.: NLG trunnion, work orders are by request.  On assembly repairs, work orders will accompany the unit.

"Can you accomplish my repair on an AOG basis?"

 We do our best to accommodate you with these requests, but sometimes we are not able to because of the workload. If we are able to accommodate you, a surcharge of 50% of the standard repair charge is added to the repair charge.

"Is the component or assembly returned painted"?

Our standard paint is either gloss white enamel or clear coated aluminum paint.  Color requests or other types of paints, other than those listed, are an additional charge and will be quoted at time of repair.